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Turn the living room into a study room.

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

"When the child is young, put the desk in the living room!

Children under the age of 8 have a hard time staying away from their mothers for even a moment. At first, put your desk in the living room and train them to get close to it.

The study of the living room where the whole family can get closer to the book!

Most of the young children who are hard to get away from their mothers live in the living room.

If you join the "Living Room to the Study" campaign with Nistulgrow, your child can get close to books and desks. Bring your children's books and desks out to the living room!

It is important to have a desk in the space where many children live, where they can to keep a good posture, and to make reading as friendly as play.

If your child can focus on himself, Then move a desk to the room.

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