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How to Use Nistulgrow Desk by Age

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Set accessories for your child's age and make it a learning space where you can concentrate on your own.

for Pre-school children

  • First of all, it is most important to get close to the desk.

  • Decorate the desk with the colors and objects that the child likes.

  • It's also a good idea to put your child's desk in the living room.

  • Limit the use of IT devices only at your desk.

for Schoolchild

  • Make it a creative space with your child's taste and individuality.

  • Add storage furniture to store more books, study papers, etc.

  • You can add a desk bookcase for concentration.

  • Even in online classes, practice taking the right posture at your desk.

for Teenager

  • You can change your room style more calmly by adding felt doors.

  • You can focus more by putting a screen on both sides of the desk.

  • If you replace the backrest of the chair with a mesh, your body temperature will not rise even if you sit for a long time, so you can concentrate better.

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