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Height / Angle


From age 5

to Adult

The table top’s height can be adjusted from 58cm to 83cm. Also angle can be adjusted from 0 to 35 degrees
in one successive movement.


Safety First

The rounded corners are banded with highly elastic rubber to keep children safe from injuries and ensure product durability.

Rounded Corners
for Toddlers


Quick Release Lock


The Quick Release lock is a pressurized retractable device that needs no complex gear or manual operation. Opening and closing movements are done in one easy and safe motion (patented).





Easy Cleaning

Safe Material

The desk surface is where children touch all the time, and thus most prone to damages. It is finished with laminate by the U.S. Formica, the world’s best surface treatment material company. Unlike office desks, Nistul Grow desks are designed to accommodate the full range of dynamic activities of children. It uses the anti-scratch laminate by Formica, safe from crayons, permanent inks and even sharp-pointed pens.

The MDF used on the table top is made of E0-grade materials. The frame metal and paint are compliant with the European harmful material standard RoHS. The finished product is also RoHS-certified through the international certifying agency SGS.

Table Top Max. Weight

Pen Storage Groove

& Folding Book-Stopper

Movable Wheels

& Stabilizers


or Monitor Stand

The attached book-stopper, to hold books when the table top is tilted, can be folded when not in use and slide left and right. It also has a scale that helps children develop a sense of length.
The desk also has a pen tray. It is made of anti-oxidizing matte aluminum, not plastic.The choice of material ensures durability and easy cleaning, preventing rubber erasers from sticking or oil-based pen(permanent ink) from causing chemical reactions.


A shelf is fixed on top of the desk (default option),
to be used as a bookshelf or a computer monitor stand. The shelf is designed to withstand up to 100kg.

The height adjustment system is made up of latest technologies of Quick Release Lock and Gas Lift, able to withstand higher weight (max. 120kg) than traditional gear-type adjustable desks. It also has almost no causes for malfunction as it does not have the malfunction-prone gear box.

The desk legs are equipped with wheels at the back for easy movement, and stabilizing wheels at the front for fine-tuning the balance.


Table Top

Designs & Colors

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