Height / Depth


The seat height can be adjusted from 32cm to 51cm in one successive movement, and the backrest is adjustable to match the seat.

Also simply pull the handle to adjust the seat depth. The depth is adjusted to the sitter’s height (length of the legs) which also adjusts the backrest so that it is always firmly supporting the back and helps maintain good sitting posture.

From age 10 to Adult

Back Cushion with

Active Lumbar Support

The tilting mechanism embedded in the backrest holder moves the backrest so that its bottom part always provides sufficient pressure against the back (lumbar). Precise support to lumbar leads to good posture and maintains curvature of the back, ensuring that the body weight is evenly distributed across the back discs over a long time.


Quick Release Lock


The Quick Release lock is a pressurized retractable device that needs no complex gear or manual operation. Opening and closing movements are done in one easy and safe motion (patented).

Safe Material

The MDF used on the table top is made of E0-grade materials. The frame metal and paint are compliant with the European harmful material standard RoHS. The finished product is also RoHS-certified through the international certifying agency SGS.

The backrest and seat made of mesh provides utmost sitting comfort by distributing the weight across the surface and keeps the body temperature from rising even after a long time. It keeps your back healthy and mind focused.

Unlike most chairs that use mesh only for the backrest, BambuMesh Chair also uses it for the seat. Its integrated molding design seamlessly connecting the edge frame and mesh seat ensures high durability.



Mesh Back and Seat




Fixed Legs

for Young Children

Of the five legs, the two at the back come with fixed feet (default option). The fixtures made of urethane do not leave scratches on the floor and hold the chair still. To move the chair, simply lift the handle at the back which allows it to move freely with the two front wheels. It is especially convenient when cleaning.

The handle allows easy mobility. Even with the fixed feet, all you need to do is slightly lift the handle to freely wheel around the chair.

Handle for Mobility


Assembled chair sizes

W. 55cm  x D. 73 cm  x H. 77cm

Seat sizes

W. 51cm  x D. 45 cm  x H. 11cm

Chair back sizes

W. 47cm  x D. 47 cm  x H. 12cm


Net weight : 17 KGs,
Gross weight :  19 KGs
Volumetric weight: 4.39' sq.ft.

Bambu Chairs







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